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Pressure Washing for a Satisfying Deep Clean
Pressure Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home can be a real pain.  Your home or business is always exposed to the elements, and over time, layers upon layers of dirt, mold, and algae will build up and tenaciously adhere to your siding, tarnishing your property with one or more unsightly blemishes.  An application of soap and water to the side of your home or business may help to take some of the dirt away, but especially ground-in bits of algae and gunk can adamantly continue to cling to your brick, wood, or plastic siding, even after repeated applications of cleaner.  We’ve all had this problem; this happens when too many layers of caked-on dreck become fastened to the surface of your building, and it can be almost impossible to remove by hand.  Sometimes, what you need is a little bit of extra power.  

While this problem may seem daunting and even insurmountable, luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution.  pressure washing can easily expunge these undesired elements completely.  Where simple handwashing fails, pressure washing succeeds by dissolving the stratified levels of gunk; a pressure washer breaks the lingering grip of dirt, algae and mold at such a deep level that the accumulated buildup fails to find traction, softens, and subsequently disintegrates entirely.  The result is an exterior finish that looks freshly-built.

Periodic cleaning of your building’s exterior in this way can be very protective, in addition to increasing the attractiveness of your home or storefront; some types of algae and mold are corrosive and harmful to the siding.  Pressure washing solves this problem by chemically dissolving these elements, rendering them inert.  Best of all, a freshly cleaned building slows the accumulation of these sedimentary particles, as they prefer to adhere to themselves, ensuring that your investment pays off for years to come.  

Whether you own a home or a business, pressure washing is a great way to take care of those especially unruly stains and reign in a situation where your property appears to succumb to dilapidation and decay.  A periodic pressure washing promises to make your property as new as the day it was listed.  Even extremely obstinate smudges and caked-in layers of sludge will melt away at the deep cleaning provided by this machine, especially in the hands of an experienced pressure washer.  Enlisting the service of a professional pressure washer ensures that even the most persistent stains will quickly become a thing of the past, and guarantees that your cleaning will be flawlessly, pristinely perfect.  You deserve it.

Bohemia Window Cleaning handles pressure washing for both residences and businesses in New York and New Jersey and boasts a team of experienced professionals who know exactly how to get rid of unsightly building sludge.  Our team of experts is at the ready to make even your most stubborn stains and smudges vanish.  Call us for an estimate, and get your home or business pressure washed to absolute perfection.  Let’s get this done!

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