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Commercial Window Cleaning

When you run a business, every detail counts. Your image is important; it can convey professionalism or the lack of it. You always want to create a tangible impression that your building is sanitized and hygienic. Customers are much more likely to go into a building that they see as clean and well-maintained. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this detail when it comes to their windows, and subsequently suffer potential losses as a result. This is, in part, because having bright, unblemished windows and apertures will translate into the perception that no detail, however small, goes unnoticed by your business. Conversely, a large clean appearance marred by grimy or cloudy looking windows will create the subconscious impression of a job half-done, a universally undesirable trait to any potential clients. Consider employing commercial window cleaning, because customers will be happy to work with you when they see that you have exacting standards, as they will expect that your work for them to be similarly scrupulously detailed. It almost goes without saying, but when you run a business, your windows are an invaluable tool by which you can prominently display your merchandise or services to passers-by. For your goods to grab a potential customer’s attention, your windows should be as transparent as possible. If your windows are too cloudy, the dust and grime can potentially obscure your product, potentially causing your customers to overlook what you have on offer and undermining your service. Furthermore, customers often want to shop in a bright, well-lit place. Your store will be visibly darkened by tarnished windows that have become translucent or even opaque, which will eventually create an ambiance that seems seedy and perhaps even hostile. Crystal clear windows and apertures will allow natural light to come streaming through, creating a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere that will draw people into your store or place of business. Similarly, commercial window cleaning can give you crystal clear, cloudless windows that will create a visible impression of newness in an older building, while darker, grungy windows can make even a new building feel old and dilapidated.


When we began Bohemia Window Cleaning we knew that the most important thing we could do was to offer the cleanest windows on any type of building. We’ve invested in all the best products and equipment so we can provide the best service for everything from small residential homes, to New York’s largest skyscrapers. Since we got our start we have been constantly upgrading and adding to our services so we can be known as the best cleaners in the business.


Bohemia Window Cleaning has a spotless reputation. We know nothing is more important that the satisfaction of our customers. By offering exceptional customer service through clear communication, trustworthiness, and consistency- Bohemia Window Cleaning has already built a reputation that speaks for itself.

Keeping a well-maintained storefront or business is an investment in yourself, and will pay recurring dividends in the form of a repeating and more enthusiastic clientele. When your business is well-maintained, your name recognition, and thus your overall value, will increase. This is a snowball effect; customers like to go where the other people are. When they see that your place of business is thriving, they will want to do business there also. When they see that there are only a few people in your building, they will assume that there is a good reason why, and subsequently, they will be more reticent to enter.

Having an experienced window cleaner cleanse and polish your windows will ensure that unsightly pieces of sediment and particulates are flawlessly removed, allowing the focus to turn squarely to your product or service. Bohemia Window Cleaning services businesses in New York City and New Jersey. Call us for an estimate, and get started giving your business a needed facelift today.